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Welcome Post

First, an apology: I have a habit of writing about writing, instead of writing about something interesting.  This first post is a perfect example of that.  Instead of knowing that this space is a place for my musings on being a new dad and my passion for middling triathlon, you are focused solely on the meta of this post.  Seeing as I've already committed to the bit, I might as well continue with it. I've wanted to write for a while, but since I haven't won any awards for my writing since a column I wrote on sporks for my high school newspaper, I just haven't found the motivation I need to put pen to paper, or I suppose in modern parlance, to put finger to molded plastic.  Ironically, it was in listening to the spoken word that I felt the nudge necessary to impulse buy this domain and put something on it. Listening to a local running podcast, Pace the Nation , I've heard multiple authors interviewed about their books or essays, and gosh darn it, if they can do i