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New Tech Growing Pains

I've been using the Garmin 945 for about six weeks now.  I'm really enjoying it, but there are definitely a few quirks.  I'm using the 945 as my everything watch - workouts plus daily activity tracking.  Previously, I was using the Fitbit Versa for daily activity tracking and the 920XT for workouts.  It was a bit weird exercising with both the Versa and 920XT on, but the only way I would get "credit" for the workout on the Fitbit platform was if I wore the Versa (if I wanted the benefit of the HR metrics associated), but the actual workout-centric metrics provided by the Versa were laughable, hence the 920XT.  So combining both into the 945 has been great.  And it was only slightly painful to manually export nine years worth of activity-tracking data from Fitbit one month at a time to import into the Garmin platform. I ended up getting the triathlon bundle for the 945, which I was not planning on, but it was the only version in stock, and with the discount I got

Training Check-In

I'm now 13 weeks into my training plan for the Marine Corps Marathon.  Or, I guess if you want to get technical, I'm 4 weeks into my MCM training, after having completed a 9 week tune-up training regime to get me in shape for the MCM training.  So far, it's been a mixed bag. My pre-training plan was re-doing the Hanson's Marathon Method training plan using zones for people looking to get a 3-hour marathon.  Having done this plan before, I didn't have any issues with any of the workouts, but I did have some issues hitting some of the prescribed paces.  I might have been overreaching on the target zones for these workouts, but considering the relatively short duration of the regime I was doing, I didn't bother re-working the zones. Sometime between starting that plan and now, The Boy has started sleeping through the night, and not in that stupid way that pediatricians define "sleeping through the night" of sleeping for eight consecutive hours (which