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Accidental PR

Since my son was born in June, my training regime hasn't been training so much as exercising.  The lack of regular sleep makes it really difficult to get in planned sessions, especially of any significant length, so I take what I can get when I can get it.  Having a treadmill and bike trainer make that about 1000% easier, but still not perfect. I've done the Giant Acorn triathlon that past few years but decided to defer this year's entry to next year.  I would have completed it, but I'm pretty confident I would have broken my streak of consistent year-over-year improvements since I started tracking my results.  One race that I did not defer is my local community's Jingle Dash 5k/10k race (where the 10k course is just doing the 5k course twice).  I posted about my 2016 and 2017 results.  I went into this race with zero confidence that I would do well.  I didn't want to be disappointed so I set no expectations for myself.  As I mentioned, I wasn't trainin