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Marine Corps Marathon

And so, for the first time in six months, I don't have any workouts scheduled on my calendar. 6:08 am race day: Just made it to the metro. I decided to Lyft to the metro and ride in. I couldn't imagine subjecting my wife and kids to a 5 am wake-up call and then have Jenn entertain cranky kids for 4+ hours in the rain. The ride over was perfect. My Lyft driver came right on time. He commented as we were leaving the neighborhood about how crummy the weather was, as it happened to be pouring at the time. Normally I don't talk much to drivers, but I'm pretty excited about running the Marine Corps Marathon, so I told him that's where I was going. It turns out that his son has been in the Marines for 14 years. He's done two tours in Iraq as a sniper, worked down at Parris Island and is currently in Hawaii. It's just a reminder of how awesome the military is and what a sacrifice they make for the safety of the country. I made it on the first train and w

Giant Acorn Olympic Triathlon

My one triathlon this year has come and gone, and it almost didn't happen (for me) at all.  My wife was less fortunate. Last week, we took the kids to Sesame Place.  It was a grueling, but fun and rewarding day.  Six-plus hours in the car and no naps will do that.  But there was so much fun stuff to do for the kids that they powered through it.  We somehow managed to leave that trip without a single thing from the gift shop, but we still took home a souvenir. My wife, son, and I all got a different ailment - upper respiratory for me, eyes for my son, and flu for my wife.  My son and I are both doing just fine now, a week later, but my wife is still recovering and was not able to run the race.  And because of how close we were to the race when she got ill, she wasn't able to defer her entry. There was no chance my wife would run the race, but I also encouraged her not to come down to spectate.  I thought waking up at 4am would not be conducive to her recovery.  We left