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South Riding Triathlon 2017

The South Riding Triathlon has always been an "A" race for me.  I've done it every year since 2011 and I use it as a measuring stick to see how far I've progressed.  I know every turn of every part of this race by heart.  In fact, according to Strava, I have run the run portion of the Tri 100 times. And because of that, I felt pretty nonchalant in the days leading up to the race.  It almost seemed like I didn't even realize it was on my calendar.  The Thursday before the Sunday race, I thought maybe I should taper a bit so I cut back the intensity of my workouts, watching Moana during my Thursday trainer ride, doing an easy 5 miles on Friday morning, and then a stretch-out hour swim on Saturday. The day before the race is when I started to get my pre-race jitters.  That day, in addition to all of the normal race prep stuff I needed to do, I also had to drop The Girl off at her grandparents' house.  They are always gracious and willing to help which is a

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