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Ironman Maryland

  Background In 2022 I decided that I was going to step up my triathlon game.  I was going to do a 70.3 in 2023 to test the waters, so to speak, and then do a 140.6 in 2024 assuming the 70.3 went well.  The plan was to have the 70.3 be my A race in the fall of 2023 and then schedule a 140.6.  However, one of the bad influences in my life pointed me to a race-signup list that showed which members of the DIRT community were participating in which races for the year.  This particular bad influence, Jeff, plus a good influence, Andy, were both signed up for Ironman Maryland (along with a bunch more “maybes”).   I met Andy when both of our families happened to be at the same general beach area, and I got a run in with him early in my trip, which was the tail end of his trip.  However, I wanted to meet Jeff face-to-face and I thought that this would be a great opportunity not only to see some friends I interact with on a daily basis online in-person, but it would also be a great opportunity