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Marathon Training

I've never actually run a marathon.  I've done a handful of half marathons, and I've signed up for a marathon and even collected the t-shirt at the race expo for that race, but still the longest I've ever run is a hair over 13.1 miles. I was signed up to run the Rock 'N Roll DC Marathon in March of 2015.  I even had a nice book that laid out an entire training plan for me.  It was my first time actually training, as opposed to just going out for a run.  I had a really good baseline fitness, so I felt good about the plan.  I based my plan on a 39:47 10k I had run in December of 2014.  I was about two weeks into my structured plan - the first week of doing an actual workout when I got injured.  I was doing Speed 12x400m @1:30 on a treadmill at my office gym before work.  I felt good doing the workout, but as soon as I stopped running, I had a throbbing pain in my knee.  I ran once more that week, then took a week off, then I tried to string together a few consecutiv