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ZWIFT Ramp Test

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a bit frustrated that my watch won't figure out my FTP for me.  So I thought I would give it another opportunity today by using ZWIFT's FTP Ramp Test.  It's a pretty simple protocol - warm up for five minutes, then do one minute intervals starting at 100 watts that go up by 20 each round.  I've done this test before and that's where I got my 293 number from, which honestly seemed a little high.  So I hopped back in the saddle today, this time letting ZWIFT do all the work and my watch in record mode, hoping it would just figure stuff out. Well, I'm not sure if it's the fact that I got five hours of sleep last night, or that I ran a pretty hard 12+ mile workout yesterday, but I didn't fare so well in the ramp test today.  I completed the 340 watt interval and then quit.  When I did the test in March I completed the 380 watt interval.  I also completed the 400 watt interval, but I wasn't able to actually m

Failed to find FTP

I managed to figure out a great way to do the guided FTP test with my 945, log my miles on ZWIFT, and use erg mode for the whole thing.  It worked spectacularly well, except for the fact that my legs weren't up for the challenge and as a result, no FTP was found. My set up was as follows: Laptop with ANT+ stick running ZWIFT Android phone with ANT+ Indoor Cycling Workout Android app Garmin 945 Tacx Vortex smart trainer Daughter My Samsung Galaxy S8 has native ANT+ support, which is awesome, though now that everything seems to be moving to dual BLE/ANT+ support, it's been less important in general.  However, this would not have been possible without having an Android device with ANT+ capability. The ICW app is what is driving the Android experience.  It has the ability to connect to the trainer in FE-C, which means that it can control the trainer.  It is a super simple interface, and while you can build workouts in the app, I chose for free-form mode since I did n