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Sleep is Important

Sleep is one of those things, like having a good commute, that you take for granted while you're getting it, but as soon as it goes away, everything is terrible.  My son is now almost five months old, and sleep has been a thing.   This post was actually a draft that I made shortly after my son was born in June.  It was only one line, so not really even a draft, but it was interesting to see some activity on here since Bub was born.  Honestly, this blog, with it's ~30 page views per day, is not exactly at the top of my mind as I wake up at 4am for the day to placate my son to allow my wife to get a few extra hours of sleep (this isn't common, but give me some poetic license here). Training in general has not been at the top of my mind.  I was working out 6-7 days a week, and  now I'm having trouble fitting in half that, if I'm lucky.  So far this week, I swam on Monday, and walked on my treadmill during a conference call for meetings on two different days (to