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Hey GooGoo

I'm working from home today.  My "office" is a corner of the basement directly under the kitchen.  The ceiling isn't exactly soundproofed, so I can make out most of the conversation happening upstairs, and I just keep hearing my daughter asking the Google Home what noise various things make.  She especially likes hearing what noise a T-Rex makes, but gets really upset when she asks about the sound a mermaid makes. She has gotten pretty good about enunciating the "Google", and my son has started apeing her.  He understands that if you say the magic word that you can get the Google Home to do your bidding, and let me tell you, that kid has a lot of things he wants done for him.  The only thing between him and world domination is that the Google Home doesn't quite recognize "googoo" as a hot word yet.  At least not consistently (he has triggered it a couple of times). He is doing this much earlier in his life than my daughter was.  Of course,

Pick the Ugliest One

I took my daughter to a college basketball game the other day for my alma mater.  I try to go to at least one game per year with her, and since she was around two, I've had pretty good luck in doing that.  There aren't many afternoon games that work with nap time, but this is one of the few that happened to work out. When I got her home, my wife asked her about the game, and the girl was explaining some of the things that went on.  My wife then asked specifically about the dancers that are there during some of the timeouts and at halftime, and the girl said, "Yes, we saw the dancers.  And then we had to pick out the ugliest one." My wife's mind went straight to the fact that I was also there with my buddy from college and his son who is about the same age as the girl, and assumed that we were ranking the dancers. I quickly interjected and explained that there was also an ugly sweater contest where the crowd had to choose the ugliest sweater.  Unfortunately,

Jingle Dash 10k

You know the saying "she won by a mile"?  Well, for my last race, I literally won by a mile.  Actually, I did the math and it was more like 1.3 miles This is my local community's 5k/10k race.  The 10k course is two laps of the 5k course.  The turnout is pretty small - about 120 people for the 5k and 15 people for the 10k.  It's not what I would call a competitive race, but it is a really fun event with some nice people involved. I've been running this race since 2013 and I've won the 10k 5 of the last 7 years, currently on a 4-year winning streak.  Unfortunately, the field has been dwindling each year.  From 68 people doing the 10k in 2013 to only 15 this year.  It's really sad to see, and I'm afraid that they are going to discontinue either the entire race or at the very least, the 10k.  I look at the race as a time trial because the victory feels a bit hollow.  In fact, I was the first person to cross the finish line on my first 5k lap - I beat t