It's hard to believe, but my daughter is starting kindergarten in less than a week.  She was in preschool two years ago.  Last year we had the ability to keep her home, so we spent the time going through a kindergarten curriculum of language arts and math with her.  I guess we figured if she wasn't going to get the social interaction of preschool, she might as well get the educational benefit.

Now, she is going to drink from the firehose.  Our daughter is a bit shy to start, but warms up quickly.  I am excited to watch her grow and a bit worried about the fact that we are moving out of the phase of her life where her entire worldview is moderated by me and her mother.  She will now be exposed to other kids whose families have different values than ours.  I know it's not going to be anything crazy, I mean, these are the kids of our neighbors, but I fear this is when I start realizing that I am becoming old.  Or maybe I have until middle school before that.

We did a "get ready for school" dry run today and realized that she is going to have to wake up much earlier than her internal alarm clock thinks she should.  Selfishly, I'm bummed out about that.  I have had about two years of consistent workout time in the morning, knowing that I can go until 7am before the kids wake up, or rather, before their "puppy clocks", which are alarm clocks that have a red light when they have to stay in bed, and a green light when they are allowed to leave, release them from their rooms.  However, now I'll need to be finished with my workout and showered by 6:45 so I can make sure breakfast is ready to go and that we are on track to get out of the door on time.  A minor adjustment, to be sure, but is going to make all of those 7am Zwift event rides difficult to participate in.  

The price of progress!


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