Week One in the Books

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting being the primary caregiver for my daughter.  I had some fear that it would be more than I could handle, but that turned out to be unfounded.

Things went exceedingly well.  Being the data-collector that I am, I created a log of my daughter's activities (e.g., when she napped, when she ate, how much she ate, etc.) on the first day, and by the second day, I was able to easily predict when it was time to go down for a nap before she was overly tired.  I was able to predict how much milk to defrost before she got so hungry that she threw a fit.  In short, I could not have imagined it going better.

It's a bit ironic, actually - when my wife is around, I don't have carte blanche to feed my daughter.  I always have to be cognizant of where my wife is and if she's not immediately available, I have to hold off my daughter until my wife is available to feed.  When my wife's at work, I don't have that restriction and it makes things much less stressful for me.  It's amazing how long five minutes feels when you're holding a crying baby.

I haven't been able to train much at all.  I justified getting a bike trainer specifically for this scenario, but it turns out that I'm having more difficulty than I thought getting my daughter to sleep by herself.  I typically either need to be holding her or strolling her, neither of which allows for me to hop on the bike.  I am confident that with a few more days of perfecting her schedule that I'll be able to figure out when best to get on my bike.

On the other hand, I have been getting crazy amounts of walks in.  I've been an avid fitbit user for years and this is by far the most steps I've ever had during any period.  I'm actually doing a "workweek hustle" fitbit challenge with some colleagues, and I feel like I'm cheating as I already have ~90,000 steps through Thursday.

I have a half marathon coming up on Sunday and I've used the excuse that I'm tapering for why I'm not making the time to run.  I'm hoping that this excessive walking fits into that taper and doesn't actual fatigue me for the race.

This should be an interesting race as it will be my first since I took off a significant amount of time due to injury.  I've seen my times improving, but I'm still not near where I want to be.  I'm hoping to break 1:40, but I think I'll be OK with 1:45.  We'll just see how it goes.


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