Kansas Excursion

I recently traveled to Kansas.  I've visted a few times before, but never have I done any exercising.  It's always been to visit family.  I've heard that the only thing to do in Kansas, or any Midwest state, for that matter, is to drink.  In another life, this post would be about that, but alas, the drinking was kept in moderation.  One of the few things I was looking forward to on this trip (aside from seeing my family, of course), was tagging a new state in Strava.  Not knowing what the weather was like I way over packed, but I figure I might as well fill my carry-on up all the way.

I was only there for three days, and I managed to get a run in each day.  If I'm going to be honest, the runs were extremely boring, and it became very quickly apparent that Kansas does not have emissions laws in place for their vehicles.  Or if they do, they are not enforced.  They also don't really like sidewalks.  Though to be fair, there's no place that's really worth walking to, and the only people I saw out were in their front yards, not walking to anywhere.

I set my Fitbit floor goal at 30 per day and on average I hit that (it helps when you live in a 3-story townhouse).  However, when I was in Kansas, I got exactly four floors, if you take out the time in the airport.  That's inclusive of 15 miles of running.  In those 15 miles, there was less than 50 feet of elevation change.  I thought my Fitbit was broken.

Topography aside, the highlight of my trip was by far when I video chatted with my wife and daughter.  I talked to my wife, who then put my daughter on the phone, and her face just lit up when she saw me.  It was a magical moment, realizing that your 9-month old daughter truly does know who you are and miss you.  This seemed even more impressive after I tried to talk to my dog, who has never given me the time of day on any sort of electronic medium.  I guess since that's what I'm used to, I just assumed my dauhgter would be the same.

It's still an odd thing realizing that my daughter really is just a small human.


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