Zwift Training

During my marathon training cycle, I found it very difficult to get the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic stress according to my Garmin watch.  I think that was partly due to the workouts I was doing, which were 90+ minutes with intervals in the middle of them.  I had trouble hitting those intervals, and I think, as a result, was not getting the anaerobic benefit.  This was a major point of frustration for me.

I've been running more on my treadmill as the weather has gotten colder and my motivation for waking up earlier to get my run in prior to my wife leaving for work has diminished.  Zwift also started a Movember campaign where there are in-game rewards for using the platform for 9.9 hours during the month of November.  I'm all about fake prizes, so I've been making a point to get on.

I did an hour run the other day.  I set the treadmill to 8.3 mph.  That translates to about 7:20 pace per my Stryd footpod.  That is faster than my "easy" pace, but not exactly fast for me.  However, due to cardiac drift, by the end of the hour, despite my pace being super consistent (and multiple fans pointed at me), my heart rate climbed up to 170bpm.  It's actually crazy how steadily it increased.

That earned me a 4.5 "Highly Impacting" Aerobic and 2.1 "Maintaining" anaerobic.

Today I did a similar treadmill run, though at a 7:30 pace and for only 45 minutes and earned a 3.8 and 2.2 respectively.

Two random treadmill runs have netted "better" results than all of the prescribed workouts I did in my marathon training cycle.  In fact, I did an hour run outside with an average pace of 7:33 recently where my heart rate maxed out at 151 and I earned a 3.1 for aerobic and 0.0 for anaerobic.

I'm starting to think maybe I'll get more out of my workouts from doing them on the treadmill versus outside.


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