New Headphones - Jabra Elite Active 65t

I love listening to stuff when I go running.  I always go running with my phone, and for years I've been using the Sennheiser PX 100 over-the-head headphones.  They are light, open-back headphones so they let in ambient noise which is great for outdoor runs as I typically run on the street and I feel safer being able to hear what's going on around me.

For trainer rides, those headphones suck.  My Tacx Vortex Smart is ridiculously loud and I need that noise blocked out, if only for my sanity.  For the longest time, I was using a set of inexpensive Anker wireless earbuds.  I wore them during my trainer sessions and they worked great.  I tried to use them when I was on my treadmill as well, but they would never stay put.  As soon as I got sweaty, they would fall out of my ears, so instead, I typically just turned the volume up really loud on the TV or on my phone, depending on what content I was consuming.

Those Anker headphones bit the dust when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon.  I wore them during my trip to the race and then while warming up for the race.  I stuck them in my pocket for the actual race, and I guess between my sweat and the rain, the water-resistance on them gave up the ghost.  Since then, I've been looking for a pair of inexpensive bluetooth headphones that I could wear for any activity.

After reading theWirecutter review, I looked at the Jabra Elite Active 65t true-wireless earbuds.  I was skeptical of them due to the fit issues of my last set of earbuds, but the price dropped to $50 (retail is $190) for a refurbished set, and I couldn't pass it up.  They only have a 3-hour battery life, but I'm not doing any activities that are over 3 hours, so I just need to charge them after every workout.  The case that they come with has a battery in it, so you can get a few additional charges just by putting them away, which is convenient.

I was instantly nervous about these earbuds after I unpacked them and couldn't figure out how to get them to stay in my ears.  There are multiple ear-tips included and I thought I might have to try out several different ones to see what fits, but ultimately, all I had to do was read the instructions, where they explain how to put the earbuds in.  It seems weird needing instructions to wear earbuds, but I guess that's just where technology is these days.

I ended up getting them in and they seemed secure enough, but I still wasn't confident they would withstand a run, but those fears were put to rest today.  I wore them for an hour run on the treadmill and they stayed in place the entire time.  I was super impressed.  I think the reason they work so well is due to the lack of cord connecting them.  Without that external weight flopping around, pulling at the earbud with every step, there's less there to jostle them out of position and out of my ears.

These earbuds also have a passthrough mode, which uses the mic on the earbuds to amplify external sounds (since they are noise-isolating headphones by design), which is perfect for conversations, and I'm hoping, for runs outside.  After all, I have this fancy new watch that plays music on it - maybe I'll finally be able to go for a run without my phone.


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