Calling an Audible

I've still be feeling out my workout schedule with The Girl in the picture.  With the exception of Saturday morning swims, I've been pretty flexible.  My wife has been even more flexible, of course.

Normally on Thursdays I go into the "downtown" office.  I leave my house around 6 so I can beat as much traffic as I can, and then I go for a run at the office.  Either on the treadmill in the gym there, or out on the trail, weather permitting.  My wife leaves for work the same time that I do, so my mother-in-law is at our house by 6 on those days.

This past Thursday I was conducting a training in the office much closer to my house, which means there was no need to beat traffic.  I told MIL that there was no need get in at 6, and that 7:30 would work just fine.  I figured since things were getting switched up on me, I'd switch up my regular Thursday office run with a trainer ride.  As I mentioned, I know I'm not getting enough time on my bike, so I figured I would turn on the Dropcam, head to the basement, and get in a ride while my daughter slept.

I woke up at my normal time for Thursdays and checked on my daughter who was still blissfully asleep.  I pulled on my spandex bike shorts and got the trainer all set up.  I turned on the video feed for the Dropcam and then filled a water bottle, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I filled up the water bottle, The Girl woke up.  I knew instantly that she was up for the day and no biking would be had.

I quickly went up and tended to her needs.  Once she was pacified and changed, I set her on the floor of my bedroom (PS, she was a little over 6 months when this happened, and it's incredible how nice it is now that she's old enough that I can just set her down) and changed into my running gear.  I figured no reason to miss out on a workout altogether, especially now that she's old enough for the running stroller.

By the way, the running stroller has been a revelation.  I've been looking forward to it since before The Girl was born, and now that it's been "unlocked" it has made things so much easier.

So instead of a spin, we went for a run.  Five and a half miles, and of course she fell asleep just a few minutes into the run.

I love running with the stroller because I feel like I'm getting in a strength workout.  The only downside is that when I'm finished, I'm so sweaty that it's a bit awkward picking up The Girl out of the stroller and carrying her upstairs.

It's for reasons like this that I don't have an actual training plan.  Both because of the last minute audible, and the fact that I don't know how you'd adjust a specific running workout when you're pushing a stroller.


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