Who needs a training plan?

As I got out of the pool this morning for my weekly LetSwim master's program, I thought about two exercise related things.  The first was about how this would be the first week in quite some time I wouldn't swim on Saturday for the Tsunami master's program (the gym at which I swim is doing month-long maintenance to the indoor pool and how I would make up that absence.  The second thing I thought about was how consistently I've been working out.  I checked out my Strava training log and noticed that in the past 18 days, I've exercised on 17 of them.  One big reason for that is The Girl is now big enough to go in the jogging stroller.

I'm not following any sort of training plan - I don't think I can make the structure work.  I'm still at the point in having a kid where I just get a workout in whenever I can.  And clearly that's been working pretty well.  Of course, the proof will be in the pudding when I participate in the South Riding Triathlon in just a few weeks as to how well this aimless working-out is actually going.

In looking at my training log, I've increased my running quite a bit, and the swimming has picked up as a result of the summer LetSwim master's program coming into effect, but my biking has still only been about once a week.  That is where every triathlete has the most room for improvement, and I'm no exception.  I don't know if my one 45-minute spin per week is going to cut it.  Though to be fair, I am biking much more consistently than I was this same time last year, so I'm still expecting to see an improvement on the bike.


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