Giant Acorn International

Just one short month after the South Riding Triathlon, I have my longest race of the year - the Giant Acorn International.  I ran this race for the first time last year and was pretty happy with how I did, especially considering that 1500 meter swim was my first open water swimming race.

I'm not going into this race with any specific goals, other than improving on my times from last year.  However, while my running has picked up since the South Riding Triathlon, it's been at the expense of my biking.  I'm not exactly feeling confident in my biking, nor my swimming, for that matter.

Last year when I ran this race, I used my wife's TomTom Runner, which isn't a triathlon watch, but is waterproof.  I was actually pretty impressed with the swim track that it made for me, all things considered.  I just left the watch going the whole time, and then manually split the resulting file into three distinct activities.  This year I'll get to use my Garmin 920XT, which will certainly make things easier on the back end.

My daughter, wife, and sister will be in attendance at the race.  I'm glad they'll all be able to keep each other company, because two and a half hours is a pretty long time to just sit around doing nothing.  Hopefully they can catch up together, but probably more realistically, take turns entertaining The Girl.

Packet pickup is the morning of the race, and it's about a two hour drive from my house.  Luckily, the race doesn't start until 9am, which is great for commuting in, but pretty terrible for the heat.  The forecast currently looks pretty favorable, so I'm hoping it stays that way.

This will also be the first race that I have the opportunity to use my Craigslist wetsuit.  I picked it up before the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim for $20 but ended up not needing it since the temperature rose nearly 20° in the week leading up to the race.  I actually haven't even tried it on yet.  I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.


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