Rainy Run

On Thursdays I go to my "downtown" office, which is about 25 miles away.  If I leave early enough, my commute can be as short as 35 minutes, which gives me plenty of time for a long run at work (either along the park trails nearby, or on the treadmill in the gym within the building).

This past Thursday, I didn't get out of the house as early as I would have liked and my 35 minute commute morphed into an hour.  That could also be partly explained by the rain.  I typically roll right out of bed and get in my car, where I've already put my work bag and my change of clothes.  That day was essentially the same.

When I got to work, I was disheartened to see that all four treadmills were being used.  I put my things away in the locker room and came back out, hoping that somebody had just finished.  They had not.  I then walked around aimlessly in the small gym for a minute or so, hoping that my presence would convince one of the runners that they didn't need to run anymore and that they would turn over their treadmill to me.  I quickly realized that would not actually happen.  So I put my phone away and walked out of the gym into the rain.

I did the same route that I ran the previous Thursday, which was also my last run before the Giant Acorn triathlon.  Running is a pretty liberating experience.  It's nice to get out there and not worry about ruining any electronics (e.g., my phone), and not worrying about getting wet (I'm showering directly after the run).  I got to be out there and just enjoy the cool weather and the dearth of people out on the trails.  Though, I did see a pretty sweet box turtle.

I felt pretty good on the run, which was my first exercise since running the Giant Acorn tri.  In looking at my file from after the run, I did it at nearly an identical pace to the week prior, so I guess I recovered.

I got back to the gym and showered and changed.  Except, not really.  I forgot my suit pants and jacket in my car.  I did have my underwear, undershirt, socks, and shoes with me, but I really didn't want to put back on my sopping wet running shorts after having just showered to go to my car to get my suit.

So, I wrapped my towel around my waist, put on my undershirt, gathered up all of my belongings, and made a beeline for my car, praying that nobody would see me, and if somebody did, they wouldn't know who I was.  I was parked on the same floor as the gym, but about 50 meters away.  I only saw one person drive by as I made my way to my car, so I consider that a success.

I managed to awkwardly finish getting dressed in the backseat of my car.  I guess this was a better outcome than the previous week, where I drove for an hour to get to work, went for my run, showered and got ready for work, only to realize that I had left my work computer at home.

It's almost like the baby interrupting my sleep is having some impact on me....


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